Nursery- The Nursery at Grace Christian Fellowship exists to allow parents time to hear Gods Word taught, and to assist you in teaching your child about Christ, in a safe, secure, nurturing, clean environment.

  • Children will remain with you in the worship Service until Pastor dismisses for our "Meet and Greet time.
  • The Nursery is located in the Fellowship hall near the Restrooms.
  • Nursery Workers are not allowed to change diapers, there is a changing table in the Women's restroom, if your child needs to be changed prior to the service. 
  • Please make sure that you get your child immediately at the close of the service.
  • We will have snacks available.  Please let the Nursery worker know if your child has special dietary needs.  

Childrens Church meets during the message time of Sunday Service. We want kids to feel accepted and to learn about God through using creative, interactive lessons which teach Bible stories and encourage Scripture memorization.  Games and crafts are designed to support the teachings, and prayer-time opens and closes each session.

Children are dismissed from Childrens Church INTO THEIR PARENTS' CAREParents and children are invited to the Annex for Fellowship Time. Please help your children with refreshments.

  • Our children sit with their parents in the sanctuary for the Opening of Sunday ServiceWe encourage parents to help their kids learn how to participate in worship, including giving praises and prayer requests.
  •  "Stillness Bags are available in the entrance hall to help occupy very young children during the Opening. (Please return bags after each service.) 
  • Communion at Grace Christian Fellowship is open to all believers. If your child has a personal relationship with Christ, please feel free to help him/her partake of the elements. (Communion  ˜wine' is nonalcoholic.)
  • Boys and girls are *dismissed to Childrens Church before the Sunday ˜message.'
  •             Parents may escort their children to Childrens Church.  Feel free to observe. (PLEASE advise staff of child's  name, age, special needs, and school grade.)


Because the safety of children is important to us, GCF has a Child Protection Policy. All teachers complete background checks and training before serving in our children's ministry. Your child is cared for by people who have a heart for kids!
When misbehaving, the following steps may be taken with children, as seems appropriate:
  1. Teacher explains acceptable behavior and redirects child to appropriate interaction with the group.
  2. Child may be moved from the group for one-on-one attentiion
  3. Child may be escorted to parent in sanctuary.
  4.  Parents are informed of re-occurring misbehavior so teacher, parent and child may work toward resolution.